Prophets V
Prophecies, Visions and Dreams from the School of the Prophets
Book 5 Prophecies

Book 5 not yet in print  - Very New Revelations
  1. Angelic Chess (PDF): This multidimensional battle is like 3-tiered chess in the war of the angels of good (white) against angels of evil (black).  
  2. Cubit for the Ark of the Covenant (PDF): This is another dream on the cubit size needed to find the Ark of the Covenant in America.
  3. Melchizedek Owns All (PDF): The Order of Melchizedek owns all of creation with Y'Shua (Jesus) as the High Priest with a priesthood living on earth.
  4. Wilderness Camps where Music of Nature Prevails (PDF): We must separate ourselves from the degeration of society including its harmful technologies.
  5. Orphan Farms in End Times (PDF): The mission to develop farms for orphans in these end times including at St Michaels Abbey.
  6. Polar Shift and Bird Migration (PDF):  This is where the new pole will shift in the next cycle.  The new North Pole in the northern Pacific Ocean.
  7. Pending Invasion of America (PDF):  America will be invaded.  Find out what to look for and be prepared when it happens.
  8. Visitation of Grey Aliens (PDF):  Meeting 'Stealthy' Grey Aliens and two space ships in the forest and the need for completely escaping society.