Prophets V
Prophecies, Visions and Dreams from the School of the Prophets
Book 5 Prophecies

Book 5 not yet in print  - Very New Revelations
  1. Angelic Chess (PDF): This multidimensional battle is like 3-tiered chess in the war of the angels of good (white) against angels of evil (black).  
  2. Cubit for the Ark of the Covenant (PDF): This is another dream on the cubit size needed to find the Ark of the Covenant in America.
  3. Melchizedek Owns All (PDF): The Order of Melchizedek owns all of creation with Y'Shua (Jesus) as the High Priest with a priesthood living on earth.
  4. Native Tree of Life (PDF): The tree of life among the Natives is best described as Cottonwood....where water is found.
  5. Orphan Farms in End Times (PDF): The mission to develop farms for orphans in these end times including at St Michaels Abbey.
  6. Polar Shift and Bird Migration (PDF):  This is where the new pole will shift in the next cycle.  The new North Pole in the northern Pacific Ocean.
  7. Pending Invasion of America (PDF):  America will be invaded.  Find out what to look for and be prepared when it happens.
  8. Royal Retreat (PDF):  The gathering of Royals from around the world who will be given their kingdoms back in these end times.
  9. Visitation of Grey Aliens (PDF):  Meeting 'Stealthy' Grey Aliens and two space ships in the forest and the need for completely escaping society.
  10. Wilderness Camps where Music of Nature Prevails (PDF)We must separate ourselves from the degeration of society including its harmful technologies.