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We are just friends who are Bikers, Herders, Educators and Artisans who migrate in the 4-corners area.

Rt. Rev'd. Dr. Abbot David Michael H. Smith, OC, OG, MEd, MS, DD, ThD

St Michaels Abbey, PO Box 443, Bowie,  AZ. 85605
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Papal Reestablishment
         We have existed for over 1000 years and were reaffirmed in 1986 within the Personal Prelature of Pope John Paul II as a Syro-Chaldean jurisdiction that included Jerusalem known as the Catholic Apostolic Church / International Ordinariate.    With the Apostolic Seal of Bishop Mar John Dunnigan who then serving under Pope John Paul II in good standing, we were given the name,  "Order of the Gate" of the Temple of Jerusalem. Thus, we have been in recent history reaffirmed by the papacy as having the continued mission as Templars.      
         However, we do not consider this favor necessary nor are we mandated to submit to current Papal authority since this personal Papal Prelature canonically was orphaned with the passing of Pope John Paul II. We are currently seeking asylum within the American Orthodox Patriarchate.
Hereditary Templar
        One precedent justifying this Papal recognition is in that David was born into a long paternal line of Templars dating back to the third Crusade when his forefather Prince Michael was reported to have served under King Richard I as his Standard Bearer in the Crusades.    
        History tells us that during the siege of Acre (Akka), Prince Michael and some companions forced their way into Acre and opened the gates for Richard I to claim victory. The city of Acre be
came the last stronghold held by the Templars in the Middle East just before all Crusaders were forced into exile from Palestine by Sala Din.  

Established Templars in England
         In the 13th century, the Carrington-Smyth Templar Knights became the Lord's Carringtons from which family David directly descends with Sir William Smyth reestablishing the first Commandery and Temple
known as Cressing Temple in Essex, England in 1399 after the papal arrest and mistrial of the Templars in France in 1307. We are perhaps the only hereditary family of Templars today who embrace a Syro-Chaldean Rite recognized by Pope John Paul II in honoring the empty See (Patriarchate) of Jerusalem.  We are prayerfully committed to protect the site of Solomons Temple (only the original Gate remains).  

Kingdom of Calalus in AZ
      David's forefathers living in America since 1640's with royal bloodlines and faith provides "spiritual" precedent to reclaim the Israelite Kingdom of Calalus in SE Arizona that existed circa 775-1000 AD.   This land claim has been documented long before any other known European land claim in long predating the existence of the Templars. The area is now being occupied by our Order centered in Bowie, AZ with the establishment of St Michaels Abbey in Bowie, AZ as a Templar Abbey.  30 miles of empty desert to the north of Bowie near Hot Wells Dunes is our claim.   We are known in the spiritual world as the VII Legion as revealed to us by the archangels of YHWH. 
Empress of Holy Roman Empire
      In addition to the affirmation of Pope John Paul II, HIRH  Lynda Von Hapsburg, Empress of the Holy Roman Empire now living in exile having been crowned Empress by the papacy in the 1960's has graced us with her favor and remains a friend and Royal Patron to us to this day.   We have received a letter from her in support of our Culdee priesthood and our claim for the titler bishopric of the Isle of Iona in Scotland with liberty to minister throughout the historic lands of the Holy Roman Empire which includes the former Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Lord Bishop of Hawa (Hava)
        David has continued his faith in service to YHWH and was Consecrated the Lord Bishop of Hawa (Hawaii) in 2000 within American Orthodoxy with Apostolic lines to the Eastern Church of Antioch (Syro-Chaldean) and to Russia.  He was personally invited to serve as a Lord Spiritual among the Hereditary Templars of Britannia by its Grand Master but could not accept this honor for various reasons.          
       It is the belief of our Order that one day we as the 7th Legion army of YHWH will return to the Holy Land along with many genetic Israelites to bring peace to a land torn by greed and misguided religious fanatics.  This may be sooner than most people schooled in gnosis may expect.  We are told that 1000 Caliphs will join us in this mission in the protection of Jerusalem.

Prince of the Dunes
        In a recent dream-vision given to Abbot David clarified his role in the soon coming apocalypse in America.  Many refugees will flee the cities seeking safety, food and water.  It is in the desert near Bowie that we have been called to prepare and now await to serve the needs of the holy people (priests and prophets) of YHWH.  Abbot David was called, "Windwalker... "Prince of the Ephrati...Priest of the Chaldeans" by YHWH in this dream-vision.

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